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About John Kanzius

John Kanzius_Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation_Alternative Cancer TreatmentPrior to his death on February 18, 2009, from complications related to cancer treatment, John Kanzius was the CEO and manager of Therm Med, LLC, and spent his entire career in broadcast engineering, management and ownership. John began his career working in the high power AM/FM/television engineering department of Radio Corporation of America (RCA) in Meadowlands, Pennsylvania. While working for RCA in the early 1960s, John gained notoriety in the engineering community by solving, with a fifty-cent part, an engineering phenomenon regarding high powered color television transmission distortion, which had vexed a team of electrical engineers, PhDs and professors for several years.

In the mid-1960s, John left RCA and began several decades in management and ownership of broadcast properties including WJET-TV, JET-102 FM, and WFGO-FM, all in Erie, Pennsylvania; WHOT-AM/FM in Youngstown, Ohio; WWOW-AM in Conneaut, Ohio; and KRRT-TV in San Antonio, Texas. For several years, WJET-TV was recognized by the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) for having the highest local ratings of any affiliate in the United States. Through three decades of station ownership and management, John made continuous improvement to the technological capabilities of those properties, always keeping them on the cutting edge of broadcast engineering. John’s innovative spirit was demonstrated by WJET-TV’s early adoption of satellite transmission technology, with WJET making the second live broadcast from China after the United States resumed diplomatic relations with that country, and by bringing live coverage of Pope John Paul II’s first visit to his native Poland following his election to the papacy.

During 1998 to 2000, John and his partner sold the ownership of their remaining several broadcast properties and John retired. His retirement was interrupted in early 2002, however, by a diagnosis of cancer which, in time, would be identified as a rare form of B-cell leukemia. By 2004, John was drawing on his years of experience and knowledge of broadcast and electrical engineering to envision a better way to treat cancer using physics and the use of non-invasive radio frequency waves. Through his position as manager of Therm Med, LLC, John devoted his full-time efforts to supporting and advancing the research on this new treatment modality. Those efforts have been supported by The University of Pittsburgh, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, and the late Richard Smalley, a Nobel laureate who won the Nobel Prize for his work with carbon nanoparticles.

John’s educational background included study of electronics and electrical engineering at the Allegheny Technical Institute and the University of Pittsburgh. John was named as an inventor on over two dozen patent applications currently on file in the United States. Additionally, he received four international patents for his targeted radio wave procedure using nanoparticles.

John was married to his wife Marianne for 43 years. John and Marianne have two children, Sherry Kanzius and Toni Palmer, and made their home in Erie, Pennsylvania and Sanibel, Florida.

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