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 Pink Well Challenge Results

We invited you to VOTE, DONATE, and SHARE…and you did!

On Saturday, June 2, 2012 at 11:15 am, the Lester Smith Pink Well Challenge winners were announced on Thanks to your aggressive participation and generous donations, the Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation was one of the top recognized organizations in the contest.

The Kanzius Foundation obtained the highest number of votes, with more than 120,000 votes, and an award grant of $50,000 for their video featuring the testimonials of four breast cancer survivors. Additionally $205,919.06 in donations was raised during the contest specifically earmarked for the Pink Well Challenge, and the Lester and Sue Smith Foundation matched the first $45,000.

The road Lester Smith’s Pink Well Challenge was 121 days long; a journey that started back in October with the four day voting prelude.

Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation was one of 155 organizations that entered to participate in The Challenge. But Lester Smith had another idea: offer a very special $25,000 grant to a nonprofit doing unique and impactful work with breast cancer! This idea came to fruition on the Ellen DeGeneres Show when Mr. Smith announced that all 155 organizations were eligible to participate in a four day voting challenge!

Followers of the Kanzius Foundation stepped up and won the $25,000 grant as the organization receiving the most total votes! But, better than the $25,000 is that the Kanzius research received in the eyes of a very generous Ellen!

Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation was then selected to participate in the Lester Smith Pink Well Challenge. Mr. Smith, an oilman, author, world championship ballroom dancer, philanthropist and cancer survivor invited 30 cancer organizations to join him in the fight to cure breast cancer.

From January 16 to May 15 the Kanzius Foundation actively participated in the Pink Well Challenge positioning them to recieve up to $190,000 and MORE!

The rest is history. You voted, you donated and you shared with your friends. After all monies are accounted for, a grand total of $325,919.06 from the campaign will make more research possible. Thank you for the successes that have resulted from this challenge!

For all patients and their families, “a better way” to treat cancer that John Kanzius envisioned – one that is without side effects and is noninvasive, could be the answer to all cancers. The Pink Well Challenge was a very extraordinary opportunity for the Kanzius Foundation to get the word out about “the world’s most promising cancer treatment” and help fund thise research to make it a reality.

Lester Smith said it best, “If you are an enemy of cancer, you are a friend of the Lester and Sue Smith Foundation.” Once again, our supporters did not let us down! Dedicated involvement and loyalty was consistent throughout the contest; as a result we proved that we are cancer’s BIGGEST ENEMY and the Kanzius Noninvasive Radiowave Cancer Treatment will one day end the war on cancer!

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